I have been playing on Insta for a long time. First a blogger in my Flat Bum Mum days.  Then as a content creator and influencer. Now I rock Insta for style tips, business coaching and a whole lotta body positivity thrown in for good measure.

I love sharing bright, colour content.  If you want to up your Insta game it’s worth checking out these apps.

A color Story:  Awesome, fun editing tools and a sweet little tile planner too.

Word Swag: Text over photos.  Text on blank images.  I love this app for quotes, giveaways or anything that requires words on pictures.

Cut Story: Make that long video into perfectly cut Insta Story 15 second clips.  Save to your camera roll and upload in order.  So simple.

Pic Collage: An oldie but a goodie.  Create fab collages of your fave photos.