Hi, I’m Bron,

The Boss babe behind bronsheridan.com

I help women bring their wardrobes, businesses and brands to life with colourful creativity.

In a typical week you will find me:

  • copywriting from home in socks and slides (yes, even stylists have our wardrobe faux-pas)
  • showing ladies how to Sew a simple dress in my weekend workshops
  • speaking at events for women in business
  • coaching clients to show up in their business with courage and clarity
  • sharing my style tips and tricks on my Insta page @Realmumstyle

I haven’t always been this confident, colourful creative soul you see today.  5 years ago I was lost deep within Mum Frump-ville and was struggling to see a way out.  I knew I loved clothes but the clothes I loved didn’t fit my new bod.  I decided to train as a personal stylist and this was the start of a whole new career.  I work with women to help them find and love their style.  I host style events and workshops and even run sewing classes for women who want to make their own clothes.

Fashion isn’t my only passion, I also LOVE words.  Stringing those suckers together has filled my days since I was old enough to hold a pencil.  My Dinky Diary was filled with story ideas and creative lists. I majored in Literature at University whilst getting my Arts/Teaching degree and although I don’t have any plans to write a novel I do love sharing my witty words on the old inter webs. You can find my articles on Babyology, Show and Tell and my creative copy on About pages everywhere.

Wardrobe work, content, witty words or colourful coach, whatever you need I’m your gal.

I would love to help you find your fabulous.

Email me here to chat about all the creative options I can offer for you.